World’s largest Starbucks opens in Chicago

Starbucks opened its largest store – an enormous five-storey, 35,000 square feet building in Chicago yesterday.

An artist’s design of the Starbucks Chicago Roastery. (Photo: Starbucks)

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery Chicago is intended to be a tourist attraction and will provide an immersive experience which serves as innovation hubs and create experiences for its customers, the company said.

Chicago Roastery is a working coffee roastery where small-batch roasting of the rarest single-origin coffees and blends are made.  It’s the sixth of its kind in the world and the third in the United States.

The other five roastery stores are located in the United States (Seattle and New York); Shanghai, China; Milan, Italy; and Tokyo, Japan.

“This week we are delighted to open our doors on the sixth global Roastery in an iconic building located on Chicago’s renowned Magnificent Mile,” said Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson. “These Roasteries amplify the Starbucks brand, serve as innovation hubs, and create experiences for millions of customers around the world.”  

The Starbucks Roastery location in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo: Starbucks)

The Chicago Roastery will feature three coffee bars that offer a variety of brewing methods and employee some 200 people including roasters, baristas, bakers and mixologists.