Sweden is the most reputable country, again

Sweden was named the world’s most reputable country for the second consecutive year, according to the Reputation Institute.

Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo: Britannica.com)

In fact, Nordic nations dominate the list as Norway (3rd), Finland (4th) and Denmark (7th) all earned top 10 placements.  

“In addition to its overall number one rating, Sweden is number one in ethical behaviour, followed closely by the other Nordic countries. In the study, Sweden earned scores in the “excellent” range — the highest attainable — as a country that’s friendly, safe, beautiful, offers an appealing lifestyle, is enjoyable, ethical, transparent, and low in corruption”, the Institute said.

Oslo, Norway. (Photo: Penguinandpia.com)

The list’s upper tier was completed by Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands and Ireland.

The study was conducted between March and April of this year and rated the included nations on the dimensions of Appealing Environment, Effective Government and Advanced Economy.

Canada also performed well on all dimensions tracked. (Photo: YouTube.com)

The 2019 Country RepTrak study mined results from ratings of over 58,000 individuals from the general public across the G8 countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the US.

One highlight of the list is that the top five all made it into the “excellent tier of country reputation. The top 10 all received “strong” scores for considerations of being ethical with high transparency and low corruption.

Italy was one of eight countries included in the Country RepTrak survey.
(Photo: backroadstouring.com)

Interestingly, the United States, Russia and China received “weak” scores for their overall reputation ratings.  The report stated that “views of the US’s transparency and corruption levels, for example, have reached historic lows although external views of the US as being favourable for business leaped to the “strong” range.”

Also of note is that eight of the top 10 countries also rank the top 10 in the 2019 World Happiness Ranking, the exceptions being Australia and Ireland.

The 55 countries considered in the study were those with the greatest domestic product and those that were familiar to at least 51% of the population of the G8 countries.

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