Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden as presidential candidate

California Senator Kamala Harris has endorsed Joe Biden as the Democratic Party candidate for the presidency, according to a statement.

Senator Kamala Harris has endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“I believe in Joe Biden and will do everything in my power to help elect him the next president of the United States,” she said, according to an email.

“When I started my run for president, I said America needs a president who reflects the decency and dignity of the American people; a president who speaks the truth; and a president who fights for those whose voices are too often overlooked or ignored.

“I still believe that to this day. That is why I am proud to announce I am endorsing my friend, Vice President Joe Biden, for President of the United States.”

– Senator Kamala Harris

Biden received the endorsement of former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg who ended his campaign after Biden swept many of the crucial Super Tuesday primaries held across 14 US states.

In a statement, Bloomberg said “I’ve always believed that defeating Donald Trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. After yesterday’s vote, it is clear that candidate is my friend and a great American, Joe Biden.”

Joe Biden, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, smiles during an primary night rally in the Baldwin Hills neighbourhood of Los Angeles, California, US, on March 3

Bloomberg had staked his candidacy on gaining a critical mass of delegates on Super Tuesday and subsequent races, after taking the never-before-tried path of skipping the first four contests. But he decided to drop out after he failed to collect enough delegates to continue being a serious contender.

Another candidate, Elizabeth Warren, also dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination but has yet to throw her support behind either Biden or Bernie Sanders, the two candidates remaining.