An Amazon delivery man carries a package (File photo)

Amazon to hire 100,000 to keep up with online shopping surge

An Amazon delivery man carries a package (File photo)

Amazon will hire another 100,000 people to keep up with a surge of online orders.

Amazon said ti will hire 100,000 people to keep up with the increase in online purchases. (Photo by Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The company said Monday (September 14) that the new hires will help pack, ship or sort orders, working in part-time and full-time roles. Amazon said the jobs are not related to its typical holiday hiring.

The company reported record profit and revenue between April and June as more people turned to it during the pandemic to buy groceries and supplies.

The company already had to hire 175,000 people earlier this year to keep up with the rush of orders, and last week said it had 33,000 corporate and tech jobs it needed to fill.

Amazon hired some 175,000 people this year as the COVID-19 virus spurred the use of its services with people staying home and away from retail outlets.

This time around, Amazon said it needs the people at the 100 new warehouses, package sorting centers and other facilities it’s opening this month.

Alicia Boler Davis, who oversees Amazon’s warehouses, said the company is offering US$1,000 sign-on bonuses in some cities where it may be harder for it to find workers, such as Detroit, New York, Philadelphia and Louisville, Kentucky. Starting pay at Amazon is US$15 an hour.

Things are about to get a lot busier at Amazon’s warehouses. In addition to the holiday shopping rush, Amazon plans to hold its one of its busiest shopping days, Prime Day, in the fall this year after postponing it from July.

Amazon will be monitoring whether it needs to hire more workers for the holidays, but doesn’t have anything to announce yet, Boler Davis said. Last year, it hired 200,000 ahead of the holidays.