Toyota has now sold more than 10 million Land Cruisers

The 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser, Heritage Edition, in all its metallic black glory (Photo: Toyota)

The Land Cruiser, built by Toyota, is one of the best large SUVs ever made and 10 million units have now been sold across the world.

It is the Japanese carmaker’s longest selling model, having been in existence for 68 continuous years.

Built to take on difficult terrain and initially designed for Japan’s National Police Reserve, Land Cruiser has now been transformed into a refined vehicle that performs splendidly in any environment. Some call it the ‘King of 4X4s’.

‘King of the 4x4s’ the 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser shown in blizzard pearl (Photo: Toyota)

It is reliable, sturdy, while at the same time luxurious.

Of the Land Cruiser, the BBC’s Top Gear said: “Where Germany has the G-Wagen and Britain had the Defender, Japan has the Land Cruiser.”

“Just like its peers, it has almost unimpeachable off road abilities. This has made it the favoured four-wheeled flavour of the U.N. Why? Because they never break down, there’ s a reason why the outback is littered with the carcasses of old Land Rovers and not broken Toyotas.”

— BBC’s Top Gear on Toyota’s Land Cruiser

According to ‘Motor Authority’, exports of the Toyota Land Cruiser began in November 1955, with the introduction of the 20 Series. While initial volumes weren’t particularly impressive, within a decade, Toyota was moving more than 10,000 to global markets each year.

Heritage Edition interior shown in black leather trim (Photo: Toyota)

Today, Toyota sells roughly 400,000 examples of the Land Cruiser and its derivatives every year across 170 world markets.

Speaking with CBR, Kingston Branch Manager at Toyota Jamaica, Mick McGrane said:  “As the proud owner of a 1984 Land Cruiser HJ47 with a quarter of a million miles on the clock, I can attest to their quality, durability, and reliability.”

“The Toyota Land Cruiser is an icon worldwide that has paved the way for all overland and off-road vehicles since the 1950s. Today you’ll find our Land Cruisers on the plains of sub-Saharan Africa to the Arctic Circle – in other words, this vehicle has driven everywhere on our green earth,?” McGrane added. 

Kingston Branch Manager at Toyota Jamaica, Mick McGrane

“Consistent with the rest of the world, the Land Cruiser is well respected in Jamaica, from coffee farmers to businessmen,” McGrane continued.

“…The Land Cruiser has a loyal following and represents utilitarian practicality and luxury.”

— Kingston Branch Manager at Toyota Jamaica, Mick McGrane, speaking with CBR

“On your drive home today, I bet you’ll spot a Land Cruiser and it wouldn’t surprise me if it were 20+ years old!” Toyota Jamaica’s Old Hope Road branch manager told CBR.

With a blast from the past just behind the 2020 Land Cruiser, the Heritage Edition is shown in metallic midnight black (Photo: Toyota)

“Personally, I believe the Land Cruiser is one of the most influential vehicles in the automotive industry and worthy of its title ‘King of the Road’. Year to date, we’ve sold 132 Land Cruisers (ADA Figures Jan – Aug 2019) in Jamaica,” McGrane further explained.