TC Consulting and Concierge Services changes corporate strategy to deal with pandemic

WHEN caught in the downward spiral of a pandemic with your main sources of income directly impacted negatively by the new health protocols, you’re forced to take things one day at a time, as they say.

Those happen to be the words Tarik Campbell-Markland lives her life by. With her personal mantra,‘One day at a time, one step at a time’, she has redirected her event planning skills to corporate planning and has adjusted her cleaning services to reflect the new sanitisation demand.

TC Consulting and Concierge Services offers corporate event management and assists clients with both their corporate and personal occasions, including vendor sourcing and vetting, upscale gift planning, and venue management. Landmark Cleaning Solutions provides sanitising and disinfecting services, post-construction cleaning, commercial cleaning, and moving in/out cleaning.

Managing director at Events R Us Ltd, Campbell-Markland told the Jamaica Observer that having been raised by parents who were both key stakeholders in the entertainment industry, event planning was an innate passion.

Tarik Campbell-Marlkand, founder of TC Consulting an Concierge Services
(Photo: LinkedIn)

“…So event planning is definitely in my blood. That’s what I grew up knowing, hence why it was natural for me to go into anything that has do with events and planning,” she said.

“During the pandemic when everything went down and the entertainment industry basically crashed, I ended up doing smaller jobs for corporate companies. I realised that I could continue on a smaller scale, because most of them are working from home and are afraid to go out,” she explained to the Business Observer.

She added that Landmark was established in 2013 after realising the need for cleaning services before, during and after events. That then evolved into offering general cleaning services.

“Based on my experience in dealing with housekeepers and the struggle to find a good one that would know all the crevices and corners, I decided to train staff to do house cleaning. The event clean-up wasn’t as often as they would need so that they could earn so I had to find other jobs for them to do,” she shared.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Landmark expanded into offering other varieties of cleaning services. Campbell-Markland indicated that she has also invested in acquiring sanitising equipment.

She pointed out that despite the demand for deep cleaning and sanitisation services, both businesses are doing well; however, Campbell-Markland acknowledged the issue of market saturation due to many other businesses pivoting to offset the impact of the pandemic.

Relying mainly, therefore, on her reputation in the industry and client referrals, she shared, “I realise now that I have to invest in marketing because the market is saturated because a lot of people are offering the same services that I am doing. I have to just lean on my expertise, professionalism and standards to know that I have to stay above my competitors…by continuing to do what I do with the great job and services that I provide,” she told the Business Observer.

Defining success as getting positive feedback from clients from both businesses, she outlined that in the next five years she expects them to grow and become a “Landmark” in their respective sectors.

“It’s not that difficult for me [to balance] because I can do both of them with my eyes closed — it comes natural[ly]. My biggest challenge is managing the staff, but the relationship that I built with them and the respect that they have for me and the respect that I have for them makes it easier,” she added.

Outside of work, Campbell-Markland also aspires to create a safe and supportive space for women.

“I always wanted to form a women’s group to build other women, just to give them a little more strength and motivation. But it’s not to earn from, but just to be able to be there. Based on my life experience I realise that us as women, we don’t support each other as much and we don’t really ask for help,” she said.

She added, “So many women are suffering and struggling in silence and I would want them to know that there is an outlet, a space that you can reach out and ask for help so that we can build each other.”