An artistic rendering of Di Lot in the Kingston Metropolitan Area of Jamaica (Photo contributed)

New entertainment venue to open in Kingston

An artistic rendering of Di Lot in the Kingston Metropolitan Area of Jamaica (Photo contributed)

Imagine an entertainment venue where you can experience the fullness of Jamaican culture all in one space, encapsulating music, art, food, drink and other forms of entertainment.

That’s the vision local photographer and artist Craig Phang Sang has for Kingston. The creative entrepreneur plans to bring his vision to life in a new multi-purpose entertainment space called ‘Di Lot’, located at 33 Constant Spring Road in Kingston.

Artist and conceptualiser of Di Lot, an entertainment venue in Jamaica’s Kingston Metroplitan Area. (Photo: Jik Ruben Visuals)

He told the Caribbean Business Report that he and his team built out the plan over the past seven months.

“Di Lot is an outdoor entertainment centre encapsulating art, food, drink and entertainment curated to provide an extraordinary outdoor experience and commercially zoned for future growth. The property is deliberately themed and executed as rustic chic and environmentally conscious. Open to develop a new way of daytime and nightlife activity,” said Phang Sang.

He added that the venue, which is located in the mid-town vicinity of the Kingston Metropolitan Area, is expected to “build and extend on all the efforts made by Kingston Creative, Paint Jamaica and all the other mural and artistic projects that have preceded my efforts.”

Artistic rendering of Dessert Deck, a section of Di Lot. (Photo contributed)

Phang Sang explained that Di Lot will provide a space for local artists to showcase and monetise their work since that different artworks will be featured around the property in various ways.

“It won’t be just my art, although most of my art will be inside the actual gallery and inner borders. So, I’m gonna invite any and every single type of artist to be on the outside, to be in the murals, to be doing guest shows and we want to populate a calendar 365 days a year. So it could be music, dance, philosophy, poetry, book reading, paint and sip,” he continued.

The entrepreneur said he’s already started to receive expressions of interest in terms of partnership for this initiative.

“We have quite a few bronze sponsors and four gold sponsors that are preparing all of their offerings to come in here, which is going to help quite a bit. [Entertainment and Culture Minister] [Olivia] ‘Babsy’ Grange and I met and spoke on it and she loves the project and I have also had dialogue with the KSAMC which supports the murals and street art concept downtown and they have been cooperating with our efforts.”

Jamaica’s Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Oilivia ‘Babsy’ Grange (Photo; Buzz-Caribbean)

Phang Sang said he plans to have a soft opening in September of this year and continue to build out. 

“People saying why not wait until you’re finished; the truth is because it’s so artsy I want people to be invested in it, I want them to come and see us and all the muralists and all the artists actually paint and draw and put up their stuff and become a part of the family,” he explained.