Psilocybin is an extract from mushrooms used to support mental health. (Photo: PBS)

Marleys diversify into mushrooms

Psilocybin is an extract from mushrooms used to support mental health. (Photo: PBS)

THE Marley family has launched a new enterprise in partnership with US-based Silo Wellness Inc, a US-based wellness company in the psychedelics and functional mushroom marketplace, combining to launch “Marley One”, a line of five herbal products involving psychedelic mushroom products.

A BET Magazine interview with brand spokesperson, Cedella Marley, daughter of deceased reggae superstar Bob Marley, revealed that initial products will include mushroom tinctures blended with other natural products. In August, Silo Wellness signed a US$3-million national distribution agreement with Texas-based distribution and advertising company One Light Enterprises LLC for the Silo Wellness portfolio of Marley One-branded mushroom products across 47 US states.

Spokesperson for the Marley brand of products Cedella Marley (Photo: Facebook)

Marley,  in the BET interview said, “My family, we always use our platform for positive change and mushrooms have been used for centuries in Jamaica, the rest of the world actually, for their healing properties… We felt it was the right step to collaborate with Silo to help educate consumers on the benefits of mushrooms, and, of course, we hope that it will empower people to experience the oneness with nature and the universe at large.”

She told the interviewer that her father, Bob Marley, “would be happy that we’re bringing this to consumers and we’re actually trying to talk about the benefits of it”.

Reggae icon Bob Marley (File photo)

The Marley family has pursued diversified business lines including musical accessories, coffee and ganja enterprises, seeking to leverage the name of their father who is considered, still, the most popular exponent of reggae. The core estate, based on his music, is estimated at US$150 million as of 2021 according to Forbes magazine, which states that his song No Woman, No Cry earns US$14 million per year.

It is noted by researchers that other songs such as Jammin and One Love continue to make tens of millions of dollars every year based on earnings from streaming services and royalties. On Spotify alone, No Woman No Cry, Jammin and One Love have over 200 million plays each, and Bob Marley and the Wailers has over 14 million monthly listeners, it is indicated. Marley’s posthumous album, Legend, remains the best-selling reggae album of all time, certified Diamond by The Recording Industry Association of America, as it sold over 10 million copies.

Marley Merchandising, LLC, a wholly owned Marley family entity, owns, licenses and markets a portfolio of Marley consumer brands globally including: House of Marley®, Marley Beverage Co®, Marley Natural®, Marley Kitchen®, Marley Coffee®, and Bob Marley®. The company states, “The Marley brand honours the timeless values of Bob Marley by uniting people around the world under the banner of One Love.”

In March 2021 Silo Wellness Inc announced it had entered into a multi-year licence agreement with the family of Bob Marley for the exclusive worldwide rights to brand, market and sell a distinct product line of functional and psychedelic mushrooms.

In the company release on the agreement with Marley Merchandising, Rita Marley was quoted as saying, “Our family is happy to collaborate with Silo Wellness to create the first-ever global mushroom brand.”

She added, “When Bob and I were young we followed a strict, natural diet and we would include medicinal mushrooms. Mushrooms fit with our vision of a world transformed for good through natural products.”

One of the new products featured on Silo Wellness website is called ‘One Rest’, which retails at US$19.99 for one ounce. It promises to “reduce stress for enhanced sleep, ease feelings of [being] overwhelmed, reduce fatigue, and boost your immune system”. 

Product information states, “The perfect way to end your day, this mood-calming tincture includes reishi mushroom extract plus Gaba, ingredients with regenerative properties.  

BET points out that mushrooms, which have an ancient history of use as traditional medicine, are one of the latest superfoods “used as supplements added to food, beverages, or taken directly through capsules or extracts”.  Silo Wellness is tapping psychedelic mushroom varieties, which have a mind-altering chemical compound known as psilocybin.