Financial wellness a necessity in God’s Kingdom

Traditionally , the Church has been concerned about building the spiritual man but one of the mantra of the Fellowship Tabernacle (Feltab) church led by national awardee designate, Dr Merrick “Al” Miller, is about catering to the whole man; spiritually, financially and socially.

To this extent, Feltab is hosting a men’s Christian conference like no other this weekend, which will be catering to the Jamaican man, in particular addressing their financial wellness in this period of a pandemic and increasing cost of living. Life-changing opportunities are expected to come from the Kingdom Men’s Conference, which will be held this Friday and Saturday, August 27 – 28. The conference will have as its keynote speaker Zimbabwean-born Australian billionaire Dave Hodgson.

Dave Hodgson, founder of Kingdom Investors

Hodgson’s success at applying Biblical principles to marketplace operations is widely established in Australia, where Kingdom Investors is based. This is also attracting growing interest in multiple countries and is bringing about massive economic transformation in cities and nations.

Kingdom Investor chapter to be launched in Jamaica

Dr Garfield Young, a member of the organising committee, told the Jamaica Observer, ”We are excited about Dave Hodgson’s presentation in the conference, which adds huge value to what participants will be able to take away from the two-day engagement and the activities that will follow.”

“The overall goal of the conference is to provide a roadmap to a purposeful and successful life for each man…”

— Dr Garfield Young, a member of the organising committee. Kingdom Men’s Conference

This includes the establishment of a Kingdom Investor Chapter in Jamaica. As a follow-up to the conference, there will be a one-year mentorship programme that will provide a structure to support Christian men to achieve agreed goals related to purpose and wealth creation.

The Kingdom Men’s Conference is being used as a medium through which strategies will be implemented for the benefits of the targeted group of men in spiritual transformation, education and training strategy, Kingdom men training and development as well as income, job and wealth creation opportunities.

Dr Young explained that, “The overall goal of the conference is to provide a roadmap to a purposeful and successful life for each man who views, listens to, registers, logs on, participates virtually, as well as participates in the post-conference activities.”

Specific goals include illustrating the benefits of being Kingdom men, challenge unsaved men to become Kingdom men in order to optimise the benefits of God’s Kingdom and to inform the targeted group of men of opportunities within the context of the pandemic and post-pandemic.

Seed funding for Kingdom businessmen who are in need

These include various income streams, employment opportunities, business opportunities, wealth-creation opportunities and biblical strategies for success at in the marketplace. One of the aim of the conference initiative is to provide seed funding for Kingdom businessmen who are in need, provide a facilitating business environment for employment, trading, bartering and goal attainment for Kingdom men and their businesses. This is in addition to providing mentorship to each Kingdom man to achieve his purpose and wealth creation objectives, providing a facility for unsaved men to seek assistance/support (eg, mentoring, counselling) as and when they are in need.

President of Guardian Life Jamaica Eric Hosin will speak during the virtual Kingdom Men’s Conference this Friday and Saturday, August 27 – 28. (File photo)

According to Dr Young, “The conference is timely as people worldwide contemplate strategies for overcoming the hardship brought on by the global pandemic. Studies have linked many social ills to the failure of men in society and many believe that any real solutions must include deliberate strategies to equip men with the tools needed to live purposeful lives and to be able to generate wealth so they can meet the needs of their families and others.”

High-profile list of speakers assembled

A high profile list of speakers have been assembled for this much-sought-after free virtual conference. They include Agriculture Minister Floyd Green; motivational speaker,creative thinkers and problem-solver, Dr Leachim Semaj; Dr Bill Winston, founder and president of the nationally accredited Joseph Business School.

Jamaica’s Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Floyd Green is a part of a high-profile list of speakers that have been assembled for Kingdom Men’s Conference. (File photo)

The other speakers include Guardian Life President Eric Hosin; Donovan Wignall, two-time president of the Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association of Jamaica; internationally-acclaimed global strategist, executive coach and professional speaker, Alex Ihama; Dr Samuel Carl Vassel, who now serves as the district superintendent of the Metro New York District of the Church of the Nazarene; Jerrold Johnson, recently appointed Jamaica’s honorary investment advisor for Toronto, Canada; and host pastor, Al Miller.