Entrepreneurship the best decision, says Javette Nixon as Point Global celebrates 10 years

In 2012, Javette Nixon walked away from his full-time job in corporate Jamaica to focus on building Point Global Marketing and he’s not looked back since.

Point Global Marketing CEO, Javette Nixon

According to the millennial entrepreneur, ten years in and he is certain it was the right decision.

“Starting my own company was a difficult decision to make given that I was in an enviable position. I was in my early twenties, the youngest manager in my company and in charge of marketing and exports market. I had autonomy to shape policy around sales and channel development and I had strong leaders to learn from,” said Nixon.

He described his former job as one he could benefit from but said ultimately it was not his passion.

“We want to be seen as the company to introduce new businesses to the Caribbean, that’s an important part of our work.”

– Point Global CEO, Javette Nixon

“I ultimately chose to leave because I was passionate about helping emerging Caribbean businesses, I wanted to make an impact on businesses that were emerging in one way or another, and I knew my leaving EdgeChem was the best way to do that,” he added.

Boasting an extensive client list, Point Global Marketing has provided digital marketing and strategic branding to over 108 companies across the Caribbean, something its chief executive officer is proud of.

Nixon said the pandemic has been a challenge, forcing him to rethink and get creative.

“Though we have managed to pivot in the way we work during this pandemic, we do see an approximate 25% fall-off in projects in Jamaica and 50% from our regional operations. Jamaica, in particular has been challenging from an operational cost standpoint, but we continue to push forward despite these setbacks,” Nixon said

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a lot of the decisions Point Global was already in the process of making in terms of investing in digital technology, such as project management and marketing tools to assist our clients. We had to move quickly, even though we were already a technology involved company,” added Nixon.

Nixon said the Point Global team intends to launch a small business accelerator programme this year. This programme, which will be called ‘Digital Housing’, will see the company directly fund small businesses through an innovation award. Partnerships are being sought to assist with this initiative.

The digital company also launched a venture capital fund called Esther Ventures, where it allows for investments into small businesses between USD$5000 to USD$50,000.

“We continue to make those kinds of investments and look for those opportunities. We intend to fund more small businesses through our private equity fund Esther Ventures. We also continue to invest in our agency work across the Caribbean. We want to be seen as the company to introduce new businesses to the Caribbean, that’s an important part of our work,” Nixon added.