Why Democrats and liberals are wrong to focus on President Trump’s impeachment

US President Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter @realDonalTrump)

The Democrats are beating the drum for President Trump’s impeachment and the banging is getting louder by the day.

Liberal media platforms and broadcasters like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and CNN’s Don Lemon appear to be on a daily crusade to get Congress to pursue this route in terminating Donald Trump’s presidency.

To date, there has been no irrefutable evidence that Donald Trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanours while in office. Yes, he is unconventional and may bend the rules on occasion but does in itself warrant impeachment?

The Muller Report was supposed to be the vehicle to upend one of the United States’ most bizarre presidencies but that turned out to be damp squib and yesterday’s news.

Trump being briefed on Air Force One at MCAS Cherry Point in North Carolina, regarding damage caused by Hurricane Dorian earlier in September (Photo: Twitter @realDonaldTrump)

More recently, the Washington Post and New York Times unveiled a story,  purporting that President Trump attempted to have Ukraine interfere in the 2020 presidential election by having the son of Democrat front-runner and former Vice-President Joe Biden, Hunter investigated.

‘Let them eat impeachment’

This has caused a furore with Democrats in Washington and heightened calls for impeachment.

Democrat Presidential candidate Julian Castro said: “ You cannot sit by as the highest officeholder in the land flagrantly violates the law and violates every norm of a healthy democracy that we have, because it’s setting a terrible standard for people in the future. We cannot normalise this.”

Democrat Presidential candidate Julian Castro (Photo: Twitter @JulianCastro)

“He needs to be impeached. I love those House Democrats – my brother is one of them, but it is time for them to do something. It’s time for them to act,” Castro argued further.

Democratic Party Senator from Massachusetts and presidential aspirant Elizabeth Warren was no less stringent.

Democrat and presidential aspirant Elizabeth Warren in Carson City on Thursday, October 3 (Photo: Twitter @EWarren)

“After the Mueller Report Congress had a duty to begin impeachment. By failing to act, Congress is complicit in Trump’s latest attempt to solicit foreign interference to aid him in US elections,” Warren argued

“Do your constitutional duty and impeach the President,” she declared.

Progressive firebrand, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has constantly said that the president is corrupt and must be impeached.

Impeachment: The wrong move for Democrats?

But wouldn’t Democrats be better served by looking to unseat Trump by rallying around well-thought-out political ideas that Americans can get behind, rather than via a technicality that will be difficult to uphold?

Say this impeachment approach does prevail, it will be, at best, a pyrrhic victory. 

It is his political ideology and his record that must be dismantled, not so much his personal failings.

The Democratic Party must identify a clear path to victory and they are yet to do so.

What is clear, is Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 was a startling upset and put the Democratic Party on the back foot. Despite assertions of Russian collusion and vote-rigging — which have yet to be irrefutably established, Trump scored one of the biggest political upsets in history.

Donald Trump, the powerful underdog that shocked the world

A ‘novice politician’ up against a well-seasoned political operator with resources, connections and a supportive press.

Trump, signing the Autism CARES Bill to support further research for Americans afflicted by the disorder and their families in late September. (Photo: Twitter @realDonaldTrump)

Trump’s campaign was unique and he took his message to the people and it resonated because he quickly identified the sentiments and issues that were important to Americans.

He has based his presidency on four key pillars namely: a low tax regime, a strong military with law and order prevailing, championing and getting the country behind American companies and favouring America at every turn.

He went after his opponent like a pitbull and painted her as weak, a ‘crook’; incapable and bad for America.

His popularity has remained steady and his message resonated with many disaffected Americans who are tired and resentful of Washington’s political practices.

A good sportsman wants to win by unequivocally defeating their opponent and more often than not,  be seen to look good doing so.

Democrats must find the right candidate and the right message if they are to be victorious in next year’s Presidential election.

#SinkorSwim, Democrats…

With about a year to go until the election in 2020, do Democrats want to employ their time finding ways to impeach the president, or do they want to focus on taking him down at the ballot box?

As it stands, they have yet to coalesce around a strong candidate who can take the fight to Trump.

Joe Biden is the front-runner with the likes of Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar — all basically singing from the hymn sheet of ‘vanilla and anodyne’ politics.

‘Uncle Joe’ Biden rallying in Las Vegas on Friday, September 27, to address America’s gun violence epidemic. (Photo: Twitter @JoeBiden)

Then you have the progressives, Bernie Saunders and Elizabeth Warren who effectively cancel each other out.

There is the dynamic duo of Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg all vim, vigour, and vitality but are they ready for prime time and can they effectively sell their wares to Americans?

Now, this may get me into trouble but here goes — the black issue.

It has been eleven since the United States voted in its first black president. Is it ready to vote in its second? I don’t think so. That in effect rules out Kamala Harris and New Jersey hotshot Cory Booker.

Julian Castro, Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard are long shots at best with some labelling them as “court jesters”.

And so, truthfully, it comes down to ‘Uncle Joe’Biden or Elizabeth Warren, maybe Bernie Saunders.

Remember Democrats, in politics, nothing is off-limits

Whoever the Democrats throw into the ring must be prepared to get a mauling. Trump is a street fighter and will denigrate and belittle his opponent.

He effectively had Americans looking at the accomplished Hilary Clinton askance with his epithet “ Crooked Hilary”. One can only imagine what he will cook up this time.

President Trump will pit his brusque masculinity against gaffe-prone Biden’s fragility and inconsistencies. Naturally, he will also pin Obama’s perceived shortcomings onto Biden.

Saunders and Warren will be painted as ‘socialist crackpots’ who will undo American capitalism and wreck the economy and the standard of living of so many Americans.

As former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, once said: “Everyone has a plan till they get hit.”

Trump will hit hard. The contender must be able to take the blows and keep coming forward. This will be a fight for the soul of America and some say it is already in Trump’s pocket.

Looking to impeachment for salvation of the Democratic Party will not do and in fact, is a limp approach.  This war has to be fought on the battlefield and not be decided by the Chief Justice and Congress.

Impeachment proceedings are protracted affairs and lead down many rabbit holes.

Watching closely: Pelosi, Schiff offer reason above the noise

Experienced Democrats and Capitol Hill power players like House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi take a more measured approach to the impeachment of Donald Trump.

They perhaps see the folly in this path and that it could indeed alienate moderate Democrat voters who they desperately need to turn up to the ballot boxes in 2020.

Both Schiff and Pelosi take a sanguine approach and are calling on people to look to the facts.

Can it be incontrovertibly proved, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Donald Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanours before and while in office?

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi terminating Trump’s declaration of a national emergency in late September (Photo: Twitter @SpeakerPelosi)

“Impeachment is a very divisive measure but if we have to go there, we’ll have to go there. But we can’t go there unless we have the facts. We will follow the facts and make our decision when we’re ready,” said Speaker Pelosi.

Well, Pelosi and the Democrats have made their decision and they will spend an inordinate amount of time on this, time that could be better spent preparing for the real battle – for the hearts and minds of the American people.

Adam Schiff was somewhat more forthcoming on the matter. “We need to be realistic and that is, the only way he’s leaving office, at least at this point, is by being voted out and I think our efforts need to be made in every respect to make sure we turn out our people.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff talks to reporters in September (Photo: Politifact.com)

“Should we put the country through an impeachment? I haven’t been convinced yet that we should and going through that kind of momentous and disruptive experience for the country, I think it is not something we go into lightly,” Schiff added.

If it can be ascertained that President Trump did commit heinous offences that endangered the welfare of the republic, by all means, they should be investigated, and a determination made as to his fate.

Speculation, conjecture and spurious media reports are not enough to impeach a sitting president. As Nancy Pelosi continues to say, you have to follow the facts; anything else is a waste of time and effort.

The Democrats should not rely upon censuring President Trump on a technicality that will not make it past the Senate.

Time would be better employed preparing to fight the election and bring home the victory by convincing Americans that there is a better way.

That civility and fair play still have a part to play in American life; that there is an answer to displacement caused by the digital age and technology; that America is multi-cultural and multi-ethnic, but all people can live in harmony.

Heck, go further. Assure the public that American exceptionalism is not a thing of the past — that it truly isn’t the end of the innocence.

What does the US Constitution *actually* say about impeachment?

So what does the American Constitution say about impeachment and has President Trump breached those laws?

The American Constitution (Photo: History.com)

Article 11, Section 4 of the Constitution reads: “The President, Vice-President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for and Conviction of Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanours.”

Democrats have called for a formal impeachment inquiry, maintaining that President Trump attempted to have Ukraine interfere in the 2020 presidential election and that he asked the Ukrainian government to investigate the son of Democrat front-runner and former Vice-President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden.

The ‘smoking gun’ they say is this part of Trump’s telephone conversation: “The other thing, there’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son. That Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great…Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it. It sounds horrible to me! I will have Mr Giuliani give you a call and I am also going to have Attorney General Barr call and we will get to the bottom of it.”

Now, does this really amount to high crimes and misdemeanours, treason or bribery?

Trump skirts dangerously, but no ‘true’ reason for impeachment…yet

I think not. It certainly raises eyebrows and skirts dangerously close to inferences being drawn but there is no explicit declaration of quid pro quo or President Trump demanding that Biden be investigated.

President Trump may prove right when he said about the call for impeachment. “It’s a joke. Impeachment for that? When you have a wonderful meeting or you have a wonderful conversation?”

There isn’t enough here to take down a sitting President and the fact that the Democrats want to hurry the process may well backfire against them at the polls next autumn.

Remember Trump’s infamous “grab them by the p….” line that was supposed to undo him? Women still voted for him in droves and he went on to score one of the biggest political upsets in modern history.

This time it is political operatives who are gunning to take him down and I don’t hold out much hope for their chances. Say the House of Representatives does get it past stage one, it will never make it past the Senate.

Democrats, the media and liberals got it badly wrong the last time; this time they have to get it right at the ballot boxes across the country — with a candidate and message that America can rally around.

— Article by Valhalla