Zoho, MasterCard partner to support small and medium-sized enterprises

Zoho Corporation, a global technology company, announced its strategic alliance with MasterCard, the multinational payment technology company, which is to join its digital acceleration platform, Digital Allies, while promoting joint actions to boost the technological development of small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs)in Latin America and the Caribbeanb(LAC).

SMEs using MasterCard’s Digital Allies platform can establish and expand SMEs online presence, make use of digital tools, protect their electronic transactions, market their products in virtual stores, and access trainings, tutorials, and other free online resources. This initiative is supported by several tech-related organisations, which offer their portfolios with exclusive discounts and benefits for Mastercard customers.

“Being part of MasterCard’s Digital Allies is an effective way for small businesses – who have been hit hard during the pandemic – to learn about specific digital tools that can support them in their recovery,” said Raju Vegesna, chief evangelist for Zoho Corporation.

“For Zoho, our participation in this initiative is an honour and a privilege. As long as these companies support their proposals in cloud technologies, they will be able to undertake new projects with controlled costs, and without exposing the privacy and security of their data.”

“As the pandemic evolves, we at MasterCard are exploring new ways to leverage our assets and partnerships to enrich the Digital Allies platform further, and support SMEs as they grow their online presence,” said Daniel Acosta, vice-president of commercial products for MasterCard LAC. “We are proud to partner with Zoho to help SMEs take the digital leap through cutting-edge technologies and educational content.”

As part of this alliance, Zoho will offer an exclusive 25 per cent discount on all its products to new users in Latin America who purchase them using MasterCard’s business credit cards. The agreement includes all of the company’s specialised applications and packages, regardless of the number of licenses organisations purchase. Likewise, MasterCard and Zoho will offer digital resources and specialised content to help SMEs in Latin America enter the digital world appropriately. In this case, Zoho and MasterCard will work on contents to help SMEs take advantage of the digital world’s opportunities to increase their productivity, market their products, and offer secure electronic payment alternatives to their customers, among other functions.