The Marriott-operated Sheraton Four Points in Havana, Cuba.

Trump terminates Marriott’s Cuban plans

The Marriott-operated Sheraton Four Points in Havana, Cuba.

United States president Donald Trump may be in the political battle of his life, with his ratings slipping and unemployment rising as November’s elections approach, but he continues to push forward his foreign policy agenda and discomfit countries in the Americas who are not toeing his line.

US President Donald Trump

The president continues to clamp down on Cuba.

The Miami Herald reports that the Trump Administration says it will not be renewing Marriott International’s licence to run the Sheraton Four Points hotel in Havana.

Marriott started the Sheraton brand in 2016, the only one in Cuba managed by an American company. It had plans to introduce others as well, as it responded to the Obama-era warming of relations with the Caribbean country.

Kerstin Sachl, the company’s director of public relations for Latin America and the Caribbean, said in the Herald’s report, that the company was recently given notice that the government-issued licence will not be renewed, an event which will force Marriott to cease operations in Cuba.

The report indicates that the Treasury Department told Marriott that operations in Cuba have to cease before August 31.

The company will not be allowed to manage other hotels on the island.

The Four Points Sheraton, when opened in 2016, was one of the first signs of easing relations with the communist country under President Barack Obama.

The company had plans to manage a second hotel in Havana, the historic Hotel Inglaterra.

Trump has been taking apart the “engagement” policies promoted by Obama, cancelling cruises and putting in place airlift limits and remittance quotas.

On Wednesday, June 3, the State Department identified seven hotels and companies on the list of restricted entities linked to the Cuban military.

Other American companies operating in Cuba are said to be worried about their future.