Tropical Storms Rene and Paulette form in Atlantic

Tropical Storm Rene formed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa a short while ago.

Rene is the second system to strengthen and be named today after Paulette was designated a tropical storm this morning.

Rene’s formation makes it the earliest “R-named”, breaking the record set by Rita in 2005 when it formed on September 18. The storm is on track to become a hurricane by later this week.

A tropical storm watch has been issued for the Cabo Verde Islands amid Rene’s development.

The Atlantic hurricane season has been a busy one, already recording 17 named systems since its June 1 start.

Paulette was located at 1,940 kilometres west of the Cabo Verde Islands and moving on a west-northwest path at six kph.

Tropical Storm Paulette will likely pass out to sea, missing the Leeward Islands as it passes it to the northeast.

It is not currently a threat to land but is expected to strengthen moderately in the coming days.