The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago's power plant (Photo: Littlegate Publishing)

Trinidad and Tobago reveals potential of seven new gas projects

The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago's power plant (Photo: Littlegate Publishing)

Research source Natural Gas World has indicated that a total of seven natural gas projects are expected to start operations in Trinidad and Tobago during 2021 and 2025.

Trinidad and Tobago mainly exports natural gas and oil (80 per cent of total exports). Uses of natural gas include powering of turbines for wind and solar energy generation. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which is gas stored at high pressure, is used in some residences for heating and cooking purposes.

Of the new natural gas projects, Colibri and Matapal are expected to collectively contribute around 58 per cent of the natural gas production in the country in 2025.

The Maersk Developer has been extracting natural gas from the Matapal project (Photo: bpTT)

In total, Trinidad and Tobago is expected to contribute around 25 per cent of the Americas’ natural gas production in 2025, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Research and markets.com indicates, meanwhile, that the global natural gas distribution market is expected to grow from US$466.18 billion in 2020 to US$553.09 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.6 per cent.

GlobalData identifies the United States as the second highest country in the Americas with 608mn ft3/d (cubic feet of natural gas to British thermal units) of natural gas production in 2025 or around 18 per cent of the total Americas’ natural gas production in the year.

Brazil follows with natural gas production of 538mn ft3/d from planned and announced projects in 2025.

Natural Gas World notes that, among oil and gas companies, BP, China National Petroleum, and Petroleo Brasileiro SA lead with the highest natural gas production of 421mn ft3, 412mn ft3/d and 387mn ft3/d respectively, in 2025 from planned and announced projects.