Trinidad and Tobago introduces new $100 note

Trinidad and Tobago today introduced a new $100 bill that will become legal tender as at Monday, December 9.

It is the first banknote to be changed, in an attempt to make counterfeiting more difficult, with the other denominations to follow suit come next year.

Front design of the soon-to-be introduced $100 banknote.

The note is based on a polymer substrate, said the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago in a release today, and has increased security features.

Included among the security features is an ‘X’ on bottom corner of the each of the note’s sides, which can be felt by hand. Additionally, there is a clear window at the top left corner of the note which can be seen from both sides, the number 100 is visible in blue print on the front, and there is shimmering gold ink on both sides. The change

The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago in Port of Spain.

According to the Central Bank, “the introduction is consistent with the objectives laid out in the Central Bank’s Strategic Plan 2016/17 to 2020/21 to improve the durability of the Trinidad and Tobago banknotes, upgrade the capacity to protect against forgery, and allow for easier tactile recognition by the visually impaired.”

The back view of the new $100 banknote.

The new $100 banknote will be accepted as legal tender alongside the existing paper-based $100 bill until further notice, the Bank said.