Signage for energy company Total SA (Photo: Reuters)

TotalEnergies, Apache Corp make 5th oil discovery in Suriname’s Block 58

Signage for energy company Total SA (Photo: Reuters)

TotalEnergies and Apache Corporation have discovered 30 metres net pay of oil in the Sapakara South-1 well on Block 58 off the coast of Suriname, making this their fifth discovery.

This announcement follows discoveries at Maka Central, Sapakara West, Kwaskwasi, and Keskesi wells.

According to Kevin McLachlan, senior-vice president of exploration at TotalEnergies, “We are pleased by this new successful well at Sapakara South-1, very similar to the one announced in Keskesi earlier this year. These repeated positive results confirm our strategy which targets large resource volumes at low development costs.

Kevin McLachlan, senior-vice president — exploration, TotalEnergies (File photo)

“As the operator of the prolific Block 58, this encourages us to continue our effort, jointly with our partner, to add to the resource base while conducting the appraisal operations designed to prove a commercial oil development.”

Using Maersk Valiant drillship, the energy companies drilled Sapakara South-1 in a water depth of about 850 metres and discovered a good-quality Campano-Maastrichtian reservoir. The well is located four kilometres south-east of the Sapakara West-1 discovery.

Encouraging results

As operator of the block, TotalEnergies holds equal 50 per cent working interest alongside its junior partner Apache. Following the completion of drilling at Sapakara South-1 well, the rig will move to drill the Bonboni-1 well, also in Block 58.

(Photo: TotalEnergies)

Commenting on the discovery, Apache Corpation noted, “This result marks another important step toward a commercial oil development in the southeast portion of Block 58.”

In fact, Apache Corporation President and CEO John J Christmann IV pointed out that nature of the discovery os encouraging and has fuelled interests within the company “to accelerate development in this area of Block 58, which has high prospect density.

“We are excited to explore the northern portion of the block at Bonboni and look forward to continuing our appraisal program, including a flow test of Sapakara South-1 before year-end,” he added.