The positively rich in spirit Cecil Foster

Growing up in rural Jamaica in a single-parent household this week’s guest has not only harboured thoughts of success, but went on to achieve his dreams. Today, as owner and operator of a thriving business which has over the years become a household name and industry leader in the field, his plans for retirement includes spending some time to help young people and the less fortunate.

After thoroughly enjoying his favourite meal of escovitch fish and rice his pastime activities include watching sports or playing games with his family. Describing himself as an avid athlete, footballer and cricketer during his time in high school, he said that becoming a cricketer would have maybe been his next career choice if not being an entrepreneur. This week Q10 features the reserved but tenacious Cecil Foster, managing director of FosRich Company Limited.

Q10. How would you describe yourself?

FOSTER: I consider myself to be a shy person but one who is very focused and determined.

Q10. What was your growing up experience like?

FOSTER: I grew up in Hayes, Clarendon, with six other siblings. We grew up under the care of a single mother who did household work and reared chickens and planted vegetables for sale in order to take care of the family.

Q10. How do you define success and how has this shaped your character?

FOSTER: While one achieves things in life at the highest level, and at the end of your life lose it, I do not regard that as success. Hence, success for me is what I finally become or is able to achieve at the end of my life. It teaches me to never stop but to push towards my goals.

Q10. What one important lesson have you learnt in business over the last decade?

FOSTER: To be firstly committed to service and also to facilitate the empowerment of people.

Q10. Outside of work what other activities are you involved in?

FOSTER: I am involved with the work of my church. As a Seventh-day Adventist helping people to know God is a very important part of my mandate.

Q10. How do you unwind and relax after a long day?

FOSTER: I spend these times eating fruits and relaxing with my family and friends.

Q10. What does family life look like?

FOSTER: I have a wife and a 12-year-old daughter.

Q10. What do you feel most proud of at this stage of your life?

FOSTER: I feel proud that I am able to contribute to the lives of so many team members at my company along with that of their respective families. I am also proud that I can contribute to the building of my country through the business I operate.

Q10. What one thing is always in your possession and why?

FOSTER: I always carry a positive spirit because I see every day as a great opportunity to become better.

Q10. If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently?

FOSTER: After seeing the outcome of how my life has played out so far – I would not change a thing.

-Compiled by Kellaray Miles