Teacher’s pension issue dealt with by Claudienne

Dear Claudienne:

I am requesting your assistance in regards to the denial of my teacher retirement benefits by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEYI).

My application for retirement benefits was made on April 19, 2017.

In a letter dated June 6, 2018, I was denied the benefit based on failure to meet the minimum of 18 years of service and I was not offered any gratuity.

The letter from the MOEYI dated June 6, 2018, stated the following:

“Please be advised that in accordance with the provisions of the Pensions Teachers Amendment Act 1998 Section 5 (a) paragraph 2, you are not eligible for retirement benefits. This is a result of your

having worked less than one half the total period from the date of commencement of service to the date of your retirement, which is less than 18 years.

Our records indicate that you have a combined service of only 16 years 11 months and 28 days which would make you ineligible to obtain this benefit.

It was also unearthed while examining your records that you are indebted to the Government of Jamaica, in the amount of $171,113.51.

This figure represents unserved study leave bond. You are required to liquidate this debt by September 21, 2018.”

My service with the MOEYI was from September 1, 1973 to August 31, 1993. The details of my employment are as follows: September 1, 1973 – August 31, 1975 @ Balaclava Primary School; September 1, 1978 – August 31, 1986 @ Black River Secondary School; September 1, 1986 –

August 31, 1993 @ Clan Carthy Secondary School.

My internship, (not included) was done from September 1977 – June 1978 and I was granted study leave from September 1991 – June 1992.

I am delinquent on my payments for the study leave bond. My major concerns are the gratuity to which I am entitled and also the latest amendment with the minimum of 10 years of service for teacher

retirement benefits. Do I qualify now? Can I apply?

I have been unsuccessful in getting answers and your inquiry regarding these concerns will be greatly appreciated.


Dear VH

As the Pensions Computation and Analysis Pensions Administration Branch (PCAPA) of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) is the authority that determines the pension benefits that government employees receive, Tell Claudienne asked the department if you are eligible for a pension.

The e-mail response from the PCAPA agrees with the MOEYI’s reasons for denying you a pension.

On March 5, 2021, Tell Claudienne received the following e-mail from the PCAPA:

“Reference is made to your e-mail received on February 22, 2021 requesting information regarding Retirement Benefits for VH.

Attached is a copy of the ‘non eligibility letter from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEYI) advising VH of the outcome of her pension application and providing her with details explaining why she was not eligible.

Please note that this ministry’s position is in keeping with the information provided in the letter from the MOEYI as her tenure in the teaching service would have played a major role in determining her

eligibility under the Pensions (Teachers) Act.”

We wish you all the best.

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