Students Receive Much Needed Tablets From Flow Foundation and Sean Paul Foundation Partnership

Students from 14 schools across the country’s three counties are heaving a collective sigh of relief after they were presented with 100 tablets from the Sean Paul Foundation in partnership with the Flow Foundation. The Samsung Tab A tablets have a Flow SIM and 25 gigabytes of data pre-loaded, ready for immediate use.

The handovers took place between January 12 and 18, beginning with Drews Avenue Primary and ending with a stop at Wolmer’s Trust High School for Boys. The other schools were Kensington Primary, Rose Hill Primary and Friendship Brook Primary in St Catherine; Drews Avenue Primary, Woodford Primary and Hope Valley Experimental in St Andrew; Frankfield Primary and Christiana Leased Primary schools in Clarendon; Middle Quarters Primary in St Elizabeth; Brown’s Town Primary in St Ann; Clarks Town Primary in Trelawny; Rowlandsfield Primary in St Thomas and in Portland Fair Prospect Primary.

“I’m really happy for this tablet,” said Quwain Hinds, a student at Drews Avenue Primary. “I had to be using my mommy’s phone for my classes online and whenever I have to answer her phone, I missed my class,” he shared.

Ryan Harvey, father of Kensington Primary fourth grader, Trey said he was happy and humbled that his son was chosen among the students to receive a tablet.

“The tablet will positively impact him as he is very enthusiastic about school. Last term, he was not able to log in on time or to participate fully in class, so that will definitely change now,” Harvey said.