Special permit coming to help small players enter Jamaica’s ganja industry

A special permit is to be made available to Jamaican small farmers hoping to get into the ganja industry but prevented from doing so due to the cost of the licence.

According to the Cannabis Licensing Authorities (CLA), the special permit policy is at an advanced stage of completion and is expected to enable more small and subsistence farmers to access opportunities in the budding industry.

The special permit is to be valid for two years, and will allow farmers to continue to cultivate the herb as they prepare to transition to licencing status.

Acting senior legal officer at the CLA, Sheldon Reid, said currently the cost of the licence represent a major barrier, which he described as “prohibitive” for some small and subsistence farmers.

Reid said the special permit provides another avenue for them to enter the sector legally.

According to Reid, the CLA’s objective is to reduce the special permit by at least 50 per cent of the cost to obtain a tier one cultivators licence, which is price at US$1000.

The CLA is aiming to have the special permit integrated into the regulatory regime before the end of the fourth quarter.