Solving pay issue for a teacher

Dear Claudienne

I am a permanent teacher at Chantilly Early Childhood Institution (formerly Chantilly Primary School) who has not been paid since mid-December 2020.

Last year October I was transferred from Kings Primary School to Chantilly Primary School because of the low online turnout at Kings, and was to be involved in the initiative to start face-to-face teaching at Chantilly.

To date, I have also not been paid a salary for the months of January and February, despite several promises. I keep hearing that my name was submitted on a list to be paid. I keep checking the bank and no funds have been credited to my account although payslips were sent to my school for me.

How does the Ministry of Education (MOE) expect me to manage without a salary for 3 months? I have three children to feed and my bills to pay.

The principal and the education officer advised me that they have been following up with the ministry for my salary but nothing is forthcoming day after day and week after week.

During these challenging times we expect those in authority at the MOE to be more empathetic and sensitive to the needs of teachers.

Please investigate as I am desperately in need of my salary.


Dear Anxious:

Tell Claudienne was told by the ministry that your salary for three months would be put into your bank account on Thursday, March 18, 2021. However, you informed the column on Thursday that the money was not lodged to your account. The ministry said that because it is the end of the financial year, government employees are receiving an early payment of their salaries this month. The ministry said that you would be paid by Friday, the latest.

Please inform the column if you are paid.

We wish you all the best. .

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