Solving a credit union matter

Dear Claudienne:

I trust that you are well and that 2021 will be an amazing year for you!

I have forwarded an e-mail to you, that I wrote to the CEO of the Jamaica Cooperative Credit Union League (JCCUL) in regard to my title.

My husband worked at the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) and was a member of the JPS & Partners Credit Union from which we got the mortgage loan.

The e-mail is as follows:

“I have resorted to writing to you as I have been unable to stir the conscience or work ethics of your team members.

In November 2020, my husband requested a status report on our mortgage payments, only to be told several days later that there was in fact no outstanding balance, from December 2019.

Naturally, we were ‘over the moon’, and so we inquired about the next stage(s) to procure our hard-earned house title. Based upon instructions, we paid $8,155.00 to discharge the mortgage.

Next, we were told in mid-December that the title would be sent to the National Land Agency (NLA), which should take at least five working days.

It is now the 27th day of 2021, and we are yet to receive any information on the status of our title. This situation is most untenable, as the numerous calls made to your organisation, and the JPS & Partners Credit Union result in any of the following responses:

“The representative is on vacation leave,” “The representative is at lunch,” “It’s the holidays,” “The title will be sent to the National Land Agency, shortly,” “Unable to say exactly where the title is at this time,” or “The office is closed for deep cleaning.”

And the excuses and delay tactics persist. Let me not even dwell on the fact that the telephones ring until they become hoarse, on most occasions.”

As to date (February 5, 2021) I have received no response from the JCCUL, I am requesting your intervention in having the matter resolved.


Dear AW:

Tell Claudienne contacted the JCCUL and notes that the Member Services manager sent you the following e-mail on February 7, 2021:

“We do apologise for the delay in having the mortgage discharged.

Our e-mails have crossed, as subsequent to my e-mail, my team member did in fact send you an e-mail apologising for the delay and indicating that your title is being processed at the NLA. Our bearers checked last week, but it was not yet ready and will check again this week.

The CEO is on vacation leave and so I was asked to follow-up on the matter. My team member has been in telephone contact with your husband regarding where we are with the process, but we really should have responded to your e-mail earlier.

Again, we do apologise for the delay and will advise you as soon as we have the title in hand.”

On February 27, 2021, Tell Claudienne received the following e-mail from the JCCUL:

“We received the title from the NLA yesterday and will complete our internal processes and forward the title to the JPS & Partners Credit Union this week.

The credit union will then contact Mr W to advise when he can pick it up.

We again apologise”.

We wish you all the best.

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