Social $ense – Twitter for business

ONE result of the pandemic is that data and social media consumption is at an all-time high. Businesses and platforms are scrambling to hold consumers’ attention while still keeping an eye on emerging markets. It has allowed for new platforms to build and grow when that might have been otherwise difficult.

One such platform is Clubhouse, which is available on iOS only and described as a form of podcasts in a room. It has allowed people to build, share, grow and learn about a never-ending number of topics. What’s different is that Clubhouse drew big names from the onset, and you could end up in a room with Elon Musk or some other person to whom you would otherwise not have had such easy access.

For those who can remember, this was the original appeal of Twitter – the ability to talk to and share content with celebrities and industry leaders. It is no surprise that Twitter, to innovate, began rolling out its version called Twitter Spaces.

It fits into the same format wherein a user can start a room as a host and then control who the speakers will be. They can keep it open to everyone, only people they follow, or specially invited persons.

Businesses can use spaces to:

1. Build customer service: Open a room and get persons to discuss what they like and dislike about your product;

2. Conduct an exclusive product launch: Identify tastemakers and invite them to an exclusive showing/launch of a product or service;

3. Build brand knowledge: If you have a service or product, you can highlight essential parts of this service/product to followers.

Twitter Spaces will once again allow brands to further bridge the gap with consumers and build engagement. Brands will also benefit by getting real time feedback. As Twitter continues to test Spaces it will make tweaks along the way. However, I encourage brands to familiarise themselves with it before it becomes available to everyone.


Chelan Smith is CEO of Chelan Communications. With over 13 years of social media experience, she has worked with local and international companies to develop and implement strategy and solidify their digital brand voice.