SMEs to get boost for digital transformation from C&W’s new Flow Business

Business solutions and services provider Cable & Wireless Communications (C&WC) yesterday launched its new brand, Flow Business, a suite of smart solutions that will create and facilitate an environment for small and medium-sized enterprises’ (SME) digital transformations during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

According to Dwayne Walters, C&W Business Jamaica senior manager for SME and partner channels, Flow Business suite of services includes broadband services of speeds from 50 megabyte (MB) starting at US$40 to 250 MB at US$95; business voice services of 2,000 minutes to call anywhere, while Flow-to-Flow landlines are free, and closed user groups plan with a minimum of two users; unlimited mobile data and a business social package that includes Microsoft Teams, Zoom, LinkedIn and WhatsApp.

“This is phenomenal and we [took] in consideration the crisis that our customers are going through and it is something that is budget-friendly to help them scale and grow in the future with these digital solutions… It never existed before but as a result of the pandemic, we have had to amplify this need and go digital for our customers as well,” Walters said at the press conference held via Zoom.

SMEs are also able to customise their smart solution services packages to meet specific needs starting at US$25. This, Walters indicated, includes a digital help desk concierge, digital and e-mail marketing, secured cloud storage, and facilitate ecommerce on businesses’ websites through a payment gateway.

Flow Business’ first core product catalogue is now available to SMEs, while other products will roll out over the next couple of months.

Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) is the parent company of the brands Flow, C&W Business and C&W Networks.

While the company could not determine the exact amount of the new investment, Stephen Price, country manager for Flow and C&W Business Jamaica, indicated that it has spent an average of US$50-$60 million for capital expenditure for the past three years and will continue do so for 2021 as well.

Price further acknowledged the telecommunications company’s issues of service outages and customer service hold times.

“We own the fact that there has been some challenges overtime and throughout the entire pandemic there has been challenges that we had encountered and had to respond to. From a network perspective, we’re always in a state of upgrade, and we had to upgrade to respond to an over 47 per cent increase in broadband demand from March up until August. We know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we’re continuing to make sure that we make several strides in the customer experience area,” Price said.

He added that the company has employed an additional 140 persons over the past three to four months to increase its contact centre resources, and contractors to conduct field service repairs.

“But specifically for our small businesses we are giving some specialised service levels in terms of how we treat them in particular. Flow Business represents a promise to be an ally to small and medium-sized businesses. We’re saying that we will support them in their digital transformation and enable them to thrive in this new normal,” he said.