Should you choose a career site over a job site?

The process of extending and seeking a job has changed, according to career development researcher, Dr Carolyn Hayle.


“You need to change your approach to job search. Employers also need to change their approach to offering a job.  Employers must understand that finding the best fit and most compatible employees should be their focus. Yet, few use an employee-focused career site to minimise the mismatch between employee and employer,” Hayle said.

Hayle also noted that according to Wikipedia (technically not a research referenced site, but a helpful one for general information) “A job board is a website that facilitates job hunting and range from large-scale generalist sites to niche job boards for job categories.”’ “You submit your résumé in the hope that someone will see it.  Or you go to a site run by a recruiter and hope that your résumé matches a job he has in his databank.”

” In the business world, time is money so to encourage you to spend time mulling over your journey does not translate into money “

– Career development researcher, Dr Carolyn Hayle

“Many persons use job sites in the search of a job.  A job site takes your résumé and uses “parsing” to find your match.   The site uses its artificial intelligence system convert your résumé to language that it can use to scan job postings which match words or phrases on your résumé,” Hayle said adding that “If a match is found, your résumé is sent to the prospective employer for a fee.  This type of site is not intended to help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Those sites are strictly job boards. Very few of these sites offer career focused sites.” 

A career site is different, Hayle stated. “This site allows the employer to tell you about his company and his offerings.” She referred to Recruitment.com saying “An effective career site should be a living, breathing extension of your employment brand. It should show candidates a true representation of your organisation’s work style. And it should help drive the right candidates to apply for your open positions.  We believe there are four important factors when it comes to creating an effective career site:

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  1. Strong message delivery
  2. Engaging visuals
  3. Inspiring content
  4. Emotional connection

Hayle explains, “So there are job sites and career sites, both focused on the employer.  Again, notice that these sites are designed for the employer to post jobs.  Why is there a mismatch between the employee’s desire for a job and the employer’s desire for an employee? The answer is misalignment in core values, culture and competencies.  According to Talenlyft in an article entitled “The anatomy of a perfect career site” and quoting LinkedIn, “employees want to know much more about the company with whom they will work.”  This has been lacking, so far.

“A good employee focused site will capture aspects of the individual’s personality and dreams.  It encourages that individual to invest time exploring aspects of themselves.  The first objective of that site is to get the person to invest time in themselves.  The site will encourage self-reflection and will encourage the creation of an autobiographical sketch.  By reflecting on the journey you have travelled, to this point, the events and people that shaped that journey and the competencies you have honed along the way will help you to map a career path.  By understanding where you want to go and your preferences will in turn put you in a better position to select the best employer with whom you should partner on this career journey. Clearly, this is not the focus of a job or career site. In the business world, time is money so to encourage you to spend time mulling over your journey does not translate into money.  Yet, this is the missing piece of the career puzzle.”

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That said, Hayle expounded further. “An employee focused career site like esgcareers.com will help you to explore career clusters and pathways to ensure that you know exactly on which pathway your skills and competency reside so you do not spend time pursuing jobs and career for which you are not suited.  Such a site will seek to find out the benefits and perks that are important to you and that support your lifestyle.  This knowledge will help you to ensure that you are compatible with the culture in the organization to which you are applying.”   

Hayle continued, “A good employee focused career site will becomes your own personal career vault through which you capture, store and update on a continuous basis, all aspects of your career, new training, and new skills.  Employee focused sites, like egscareers.com are free to the employee.  The employers have to pay to find talent based on compatibility. Such a site promises the employer that it will find the types of individuals that are compatible with their organisational culture and their core values.  It minimise the mismatch between organisation and employee. By understanding the person and their preferences it is easier to put them with a likeminded employer.  This means that their relationship is more likely to be long lasting and mutually beneficial.”