(Photo: Energy Analytics Institute)

Shell T&T donates TT$3.6 million to the COVID-19 relief effort

(Photo: Energy Analytics Institute)

In a bid to support Trinidad and Tobago’s push to efforts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, Shell Trinidad and Tobago has contributed TT$3.6 million in medical and relief supplies to country’s Government.

Working in collaboration with Atlantic LNG, Shell sourced and purchased 10 ventilators, then donated them to the twin-island republic’s Ministry of Health.

Expressing appreciation for the contribution, Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh said, “The national response to COVID-19 presented the optimum opportunity for members of the private sector to partner with the Government to safeguard the health of the nation. I am very pleased that Shell Trinidad and Tobago Limited has made this tangible demonstration of their corporate social responsibility.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh (Photo: Stabroek News)

The health minister also underscored that the ventilators will significantly boost the capacity of hospitals’ intensive care units — on both islands — during the heightened national response to COVID-19 and in the long term.

Care packages

Shell also distributed 1,000 care packages of food supplies and cleaning items among more than 20 communities and assisted 10 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in disaster preparedness and planning, all as part of our national effort to help the country’s most vulnerable.

Vice-President and Country Chair of Shell Trinidad and Tobago Eugene Okpere said the company’s focus was three-fold: the health and safety of the company’s staff and contractors; ensuring the continued delivery of gas to the country; and supporting, where possible, the management of the pandemic. 

Vice-President and Country Chair of Shell Trinidad and Tobago Eugene Okpere.
(Photo: Energy Chamber Trinidad and Tobago)

“I take this opportunity to thank the Government for leading us during this crisis and the many front-line workers, including our own staff at our sites, who are working hard every day and serving the country during this time,” Okpere stated.

A team effort

In order to ensure seamless distribution of care packages to the communities most in need, the Shell Community Relations team worked with other company departments, including Contracts & Procurement, Government Relations and the teams at Shell’s onshore and offshore site location. The team also collaborated with external stakeholders such as NGOs and community-based organisations (CBOs).

“In our discussions with various stakeholders, NGOs, CBOS and community residents, we realised that the most severely impacted by the global pandemic and the economic downturn have been those persons who were already vulnerable — the sick and elderly and those currently experiencing severe economic challenges. With the loss of jobs and restriction on movement, many persons have found it difficult to feed their families and/or access necessary daily supplies,” explained Nneka Mentore, Employee Relations Adviser — Trinidad and Tobago, English/Dutch Caribbean.

Moruga teacher and resident Lisa Atwater, on her Facebook page, thanked Shell for the contribution and said the company repeatedly “answered the call of the community in these ever-challenging times”.  Several other Moruga residents and from across the country have also expressed their deep appreciation for Shell’s timely support.