SeaWorld lays off workers; outsourcing to Jamaica and Guatemala?

Nearshore Americas and other news organs are reporting that around 100 SeaWorld employees have been laid off.

 The company which has customer service units based in Jamaica and Guatemala, in a reported release said that it had undertaken a careful review of its operations and made a business decision to restructure its call center operations.

WFTV.com news in Orlando reported some employees saying they were recently sent to Central America to train people, but that they had no idea they were training those workers to replace their own jobs.

WFTV.com news said the Orlando call center handled customer service for all 12 of SeaWorld’s parks across the country.

Customer service roles, the site outlined, included monthly payment plans from annual passes, selling new annual passes, park tickets, setting up dining reservations, animal encounters and tours.

Managing Director of Nearshore, Kirk Laughlin

The company release also stated, “This move will allow us to better and more efficiently scale our call center to meet customer demand, especially during peak months. Due to this change, approximately 100 employee positions at the Orlando call center have been eliminated and operations have been shifted to a third-party vendor, effective immediately.”

The third-party vendor was not named.