Scotiabank, Mastercard enter partnership in four Caribbean markets

Scotiabank announced that it has entered a seven-year agreement with Mastercard to provide an enhanced digital customer experience and new debit cards in four Caribbean countries: The Bahamas, Barbados, Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

Senior Vice President of International Banking at Scotiabank, Brendan King

The relationship will promote payments innovation focused on consumer experience, growth, and development of new added-value services across different channels and devices.

“Our relationship with Mastercard will bring innovative debit card solutions to our customers. At Scotiabank, digital is a key pillar of our business strategy. We work hard as an organisation to enhance our digital experience, and this initiative will contribute to consolidating this position in these four Caribbean markets,” said Brendan King, Senior Vice President of International Banking at Scotiabank.

The agreement will provide Scotiabank debit cardholders with innovative 24/7 solutions, including advancements in ecommerce and digital wallets with enhanced security features, a new rewards platform, and life-cycle management, among other improvements.

Marcelo Tangioni, President of the Caribbean Division at Mastercard

“We are thrilled to join efforts with Scotiabank to deliver customer-centric solutions in The Bahamas, Barbados, Dominican Republic and Jamaica,” said Marcelo Tangioni, President of the Caribbean Division at Mastercard. “Both Mastercard and Scotiabank are focused on advancing consumers’ digital payments experience, and we look forward to the benefits for the cardholders as a result of this initiative,” added Dalton Fowles, Country Manager of Mastercard for Jamaica.     

President and CEO of Scotia Group Jamaica, David Noel, said “With this agreement, Scotiabank continues evolving in its digital journey and looking for new ways to provide simplified and secure payment methods to accelerate growth in Jamaica, where we are committed to offering our customers the best in-class solutions.”

This relationship with Mastercard will drive growth, innovation and improvements to continue advancing Scotiabank’s digital transformation.