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Republic Bank donates US$200,000 to COVID-19 response

(Photo: CNC3)

Republic Bank has contributed US$200,000 to the COVID-19 fight under an agreement with the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

The donation, which was made yesterday, April 14, will go towards the purchase of Interferon Alfa-2B, a drug used in the treatment of the virus, and the delivery of a strategic communication campaign around the new coronavirus.

According to the OECS, the medication will be distributed among its nine member states.

“We are facing an unprecedented situation…which calls for an equally unprecedented show of unity in support of our region’s response to the pandemic.”

– Republic Bank’s Managing Director, Michelle Palmer-Keizer

The regional body, created to promote integration the Eastern Caribbean, in a statement said “The world as we knew it will never be the same. Facilitating a thriving business environment in the OECS beyond COVID-19 will call for a complete shift in the way banking and financial institutions operate.”

OECS Director General Dr Didacus Jules thanked the financial institution, on behalf of the body’s members and lauded its assistance.

 “We are heartened not just by Republic Bank’s expression of corporate responsibility by being all in with the battle against COVID-19 but also with its stated intent of joining the OECS in its thrust to fuel entrepreneurship and innovation.”

Republic Bank’s Managing Director, Michelle Palmer-Keizer, in explaining the institution’s move to provide assistance, said “Working with other socially responsible organisations to do good within the communities we serve is part of our philosophy, it’s an essential element of who we are. We understand that we have a responsibility to assist not only with the immediate relief efforts but also with longer-term efforts to rebuild our businesses, our communities and our lives.”

Further, Palmer-Keizer encouraged other companies in the private sector to offer support in the region’s COVID-19 response. “We are facing an unprecedented situation in managing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which calls for an equally unprecedented show of unity in support of our region’s response to the pandemic. We hope to see more of our peers, in the private sector, join in the immediate fight against the spread of the virus and in the rebuilding efforts that will be required in its aftermath.”

Republic Bank is one of 10 owned by Republic Bank Financial Holdings.