Redemption ANC earbuds launched for Bob Marley’s 75th birthday

House of Marley, an eco-conscious audio maker, has launched a brand of wireless earbuds to honour reggae icon Bob Marley’s 75th birthday.

The Redemption ANC was released in honour of Bob Marley’s birthday.
(Photo: House of Marley)

The release of Redemption ANC earbuds, the second generation of true wireless listening, also marks the House of Marley’s 10-year anniversary as a sustainable audio maker.

Redemption ANC is made from highly-renewable bamboo and recycled silicone from post-consumer waste, said a release from the House of Marley. Additionally, the earbuds’ case is “designed by combining wood derivatives such as sawdust along with plastic fibers to form a durable, wood fiber composite.”

The earbuds also mark House of Marley’s 10-year anniversary as a sustainable audio maker.
(Photo: amazon.com)

The audio device, which retails for US$199.99, also has noise cancellation technology which includes a “deeper, punchier bass with a warm and rich, natural feel.”

“The passive seal the earbuds provides, combined with leading active noise-cancelling technology, ensures unwanted sounds are kept at bay. For a more natural listening experience, simply triple-tap the earbuds to switch into ambient mode to allow for transparent hearing of your surroundings.”

The Redemption ANC retail for US$199.99. (Photo: The House of Marley)

Regarding the design, the earbuds boasts a customisable stem design for comfort. “The weight is balanced between the stem and the body to help anchor and keep the earbud secure in the ear, making the, an easy choice for everyday wear from travel to active use.”

Other features of the Redemption ANC include five-hour battery life, four microphone technology with stereo voice clear communications, USB-C quick charge and Bluetooth.

Redeption ANC is available at houseofmarley.com , Amazon and select US retailers.

A model wearing the Redemption ANC earbuds. (Photo: The House of Marley)

“The audio maker will be continuing their support of One Tree Planted global reforestation efforts, planting 75,000 trees in Jamaica in honour of Bob Marley’s 75th Birthday. This will serve as the first tree planting to take place in Jamaica by the non-profit organisation.”

House of Markey, which creates headphones, speakers and turntables, was created in 2010 in collaboration with the Marley family to continue Bob Marley’s love for music and the planet.