Puerto Rico Ports Authority to invest US$1.2M in loading dock fenders

Puerto Rico Ports Authority will invest US$1.2 million into the purchase and instalment of some 78 new fenders at Puerto Nuevo’s C to H loading docks according to the agency’s executive director, Joel A Pizá-Batiz.

The agency plans to replace the loading docks fenders as soon as possible as they have deteriorated and no longer fulfil their duty of providing protection, both to the cargo vessels and the docks, Pizá-Batiz said.

“[The agency’s] engineering division recently carried out a bidding process by public notice to supply the 78 fenders, including the materials for their anchoring system. The Ports Authority’s conservation division personnel will instal the equipment as they have vast experience carrying out such projects,” Pizá-Batiz shared.

Joel A Pizá-Batiz, executive director, Puerto Rico Ports Authority (Photo: El Nuevo Dia)

Following the bidding process, Puerto Rico Ports Authority awarded the contract to Del Valle Group, SP, which submitted the lowest bid for US$1,170,000 and complied with all the documents and requirements, he added.

The agency will fund the transactions relating to the project from its own resources and will purchase the fenders in the next few days, Pizá-Batiz also disclosed.

Del Valle Group, SP will carry out the project in stages and coordinate with the shipping companies operating in the Puerto Nuevo dock to ensure there are no disruptions to their operations. The instalment of the new fenders will take between 10 and 12 weeks to complete.