NP denies fuel shutdown in Trinidad and Tobago

The National Petroleum Marketing Company (NP) had denied rumours of a fuel shutdown today.

Photo: newsday.co.tt)

The claim started yesterday on social media platforms and quickly spread as Trinbagonians were encouraged to fill their tanks due to the ensuing island-wide shutdown. The messages further said the impending closure of service stations was due to increased taxes proposed in the recent 2020 Budget presentation, an assertion the Government has denied.

The reports prompted NP to issue a statement late yesterday, dispelling the notion.

(Photo: unipet.co.tt)

“NP wish­es to ad­vise the pub­lic that our op­er­a­tions are run­ning as nor­mal and that we re­main stead­fast in our com­mit­ment to en­sure that a con­tin­u­ous and re­li­able sup­ply of fu­el is de­liv­ered across the coun­try.”

What’s more, NP said that since yesterday “the plac­ing of or­ders for the pur­chase of all liq­uid fu­el prod­ucts con­tin­ued un­abat­ed, with de­liv­er­ies to ser­vice sta­tions tak­ing place to­day as sched­uled, and oth­ers be­ing sched­uled for to­mor­row, based on or­ders re­ceived from our deal­ers.”

The Trinidad and Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited is a diversified petroleum marketing company, which operates the largest service station network in the country.