NCB Financial Group's headquarters on Trafalgar Road in New Kingston, Jamaica (File photo)

NCB readies Visa debit card for roll-out in Jamaica

NCB Financial Group's headquarters on Trafalgar Road in New Kingston, Jamaica (File photo)

Come September, National Commercial Bank (NCB) will undertake the first phase in its distribution of the much-anticipated Visa debit card for customers.

National Commercial Bank Jamaica (File photo)

“We understand that our customers really want to enjoy the flexibility and rewards of our Visa debit card, so we are very excited to begin the first phase of distribution. This product has been a long time coming for us and we wanted to ensure the card was fully secure with Tap-and-Go and chip & PIN technology, “shared Claudette Rodriquez, head of payments services at NCB while responding to questions from the Business Observer.

Rodriquez said that while the cards are already being distributed to staff and customers doing private banking, a more widespread distribution to general customers is expected to get underway next month.

“We have to observe the Government’s social distancing protocol so we will roll-out to the general customer base alphabetically. We will share this schedule with our customers in ongoing communications and via our website jncb.com/visadebit, which will be launched next week,” she said.

Rodriquez said that with these new cards, which will replace the antiquated Midas cards, customers are expected to benefit from a more technologically programmed and secure card that will offer them opportunities to secure rewards, transact business online, and gain access to more Visa-direct services, adding that “with this feature, friends and family overseas may send money directly to a Visa debit cardholder’s account, similarly to a remittance service. However, the customer receives funds within 30 minutes, which is free of charge to the receiver.”

Rodriquez said the timing for the roll-out was also in alignment with the banking sector’s overall push towards digital transformation, thereby allowing for improved customer satisfaction via additional purchasing options and enhanced security, which will be provided with the “chip and PIN” and “tap and go” technologies.

“The NCB Visa debit card is for everyone. All customers who currently have a Midas card will be able to change their Midas for a Visa debit, and new customers will automatically get a Visa debit card once they open a savings or chequing account. The Visa debit card for business customers will be rolled out later this year.

–Kellaray Miles