NCB invests in digital training for employees

As the National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) seeks to become a fully digital organisation by 2024, the entity, through recent investments, is also seeking to facilitate the digital development of its employees.

Through the complete digital transformation of its Atrium-based Corporate Learning Campus (CLC) into virtual labs, the bank is now able to facilitate both digital and face-to- face learning.

The transformation of the CLC’s physical campus, formerly located at Altamont Court, began last year and supports the organisation’s thrust towards a digital learning environment.

Euton Cummings, general manager of human resources and facilities at NCB said that this digital training becomes vital as companies, worldwide, for the last few years have been moving away from face-to-face learning. The move for the financial institution also comes at a critical juncture, as some 62 per cent of its workforce operates remotely.

“NCB is no different, with employees located right across the island, we had already started our digital journey with the development of e-courses and online learning to ensure that everyone has access to the learning opportunities and materials, no matter where they are,” he stated in a news release last week.

Referencing research statistics from a 2019 LinkedIn workplace learning report, the bank said that approximately 59 per cent of respondents in the study reported spending larger percentages of their training budgets on online learning, whilst spending less on instructor-led learning.

The bank said that in addition to transforming its CLC, other investments in its mobile learning platform will enable employees to access learning modules and materials on the go.

Cummings indicated that while the novel coronavirus pandemic may have changed the way employee education was done, the bank remains committed to helping employees to maximise their full potential through the relevant investments.

“Continuous learning is a key priority for our business. So while we’re ensuring that our employees are kept safe, we also want to ensure that they have access to all the tools, courses and opportunities available to upskill themselves and grow professionally,” he said.