National Commercial Bank Jamaica (File photo)

NCB Financial Group appoints new director

National Commercial Bank Jamaica (File photo)

The National Commercial Bank Financial Group (NCBFG) recently announced the appointment of Adrian C Lee-Chin to its board of directors.

In a release statement the entity said that it was pleased to welcome Lee-Chin’s to the group’s board as well as that of NCB.

Lee-Chin began his career in 1996 at Portland Holdings Inc and has held numerous roles throughout his career ranging from marketing fulfilment and customer support, to becoming a full-time investment analyst and business manager. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and is also a chartered financial analyst, the release stated.

The newly appointed director is the son of well-known business man Michael Lee-Chin who also currently serves as a director and chairman on the NCBFG board.