NCB and pension issues dealt with by Tell Claudienne

Dear Claudienne,I went to the automated teller machine (ATM) at National Commercial Bank (NCB) Oxford Road, St Andrew, to deposit a sum of $62,000 on Monday, November 23, 2020.

When I went to the machine it was being serviced, and after the servicing of the machine was completed, I made a lodgement.

Upon depositing the funds, an error came up on the machine stating “retracting notes”.

The machine then gave me back $28,000 after which my card was ejected automatically. However, when the error occurred, I had already deposited $34,000, and to date, (November 30, 2020) my account has not been updated with the additional $6,000 that I deposited.

I have called the Customer Service Department countless times only to be promised a callback, but nothing was done.

I have not received a response from NCB and would appreciate your help.


Dear RR

Tell Claudienne brought your complaint to NCB’s attention, and on December 4, 2020, the head of Group Customer Experience Organizational Health & Client Experience Unit and NCB’s head office advised the column that “the customer’s account has been credited”.

We wish you all the best.

Dear Claudienne:

I applied to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) for my pension, and a cheque in the sum of $314,000 in 2015, as part payment.

Several times I checked at the postal agency where I collected my mail to find out if NIS had sent the cheque, and the last time I made an enquiry the postal agent told me that a NIS cheque for $233,000 that had come to the postal agency for me had been returned to the NIS office as I was late in picking up my mail.

Over the years, I have gone to the NIS head office and informed them that I did not get the second payment and to find out what has happened to the missing cheque.

The head office has informed me that I collected the cheque and lodged it to my account.

However, I did not receive the cheque.

The manager of the Accounts Department of the NIS said that the cheque was deposited to my bank account, but, to me, this is an act of malfeasance as I never received that cheque.

I need the money and would appreciate your help in this matter.


Dear HW

Tell Claudienne has been in communication with the Accounts Department of the NIS and got the manager to agree to meet and discuss the matter with you.

The manager said that at the meeting she told you that you signed the cheque and showed you the cheque that had been lodged to your bank account.

As you still insisted that you had not received the cheque, Tell Claudienne referred you to a government agency that protects government revenue.

The agency interviewed you, and investigated the matter. On concluding their investigation, they are of the view that you had a memory lapse.

The NIS has shown the agency documentary evidence such as printouts from the bank, showing that the money went to your account. The agency said that they were shown the NIS cheque endorsed by the bank, that has your signature and which was sent to your account at the bank.

We wish you all the best.

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