Belize and Honduras sign air transport services agreement

Belize and Honduras have signed an air transport services agreement that the authorities say will also provide Belizeans and future visitors with travel alternatives at more competitive prices.

The Belize government said greater travel alternatives at more competitive prices will be possible through the new agreement.

Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister, Manuel Heredia, and Nicole Marder, Secretary of State in the Office of Tourism of the Republic of Honduras, signed the accord in Tegucigalpa on Friday, February 28.

“This agreement comes to formalise the existing commercial and economic relationship between the two countries and is expected to boost regional air connectivity, facilitate international air travel, and gain access to other key aviation markets.”

– Statement by the Government of Belize

“Besides opening additional routes, it is expected that this new arrangement will also provide Belizeans and future visitors with travel alternatives at more competitive prices,” according to a statement issued by the Belize government.

It said that over the past 10 years, Belize has seen a continuous increase of its regional and international air connectivity, which has been one of the central contributing factors to the tremendous growth of its tourism sector.

Belize has signed a number of other similar agreements including with the US and Malaysia.

“This agreement comes to enhance the aviation, trade, and tourism sectors in Belize and the Republic of Honduras, and to fulfill the work of the tourism arm (SITCA) of the Central American Integration System (SICA), of which Belize is a Member. SITCA promotes intraregional travel, with a focus on strengthening regional air connectivity, primarily for tourism purposes,” the statement noted.

The government said that so far, Belize has signed a number of similar arrangements with countries including the United States, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.