Montserrat reopens … but only to the wealthy


In an effort to keep the COVID-19 virus out the country while maintaining some tourist revenue, Montserrat opened its borders in April this year to only the wealthiest holidaymakers who make at least US$7,000 a year.

Not only do they have to pass the financial background check but visitors have to commit to staying for at least two months. In exchange, they get an almost ‘COVID-19 free’ exclusive access to beaches and the island.

The flag of Montserrat (Photo: Wikipedia)

Soon after the British territory detected its first few COVID-19 cases in March 2020, it closed its borders to tourists.
It cautiously reopened this year with the remote worker programme, requiring both vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors to quarantine for two weeks and then take a COVID-19 test before exploring the island.

So far, 21 travellers from seven families have met the Government’s selective criteria.

The UK Government has put the island on its quarantine-free green travel list; however, the UK still has the territory under warning for natural disasters, as two-thirds of the island is vulnerable to volcanic activity.

There has been no major volcanic activity since February 2010. Montserrat is also currently in its hurricane season, which normally runs from June to November.

There has been no major volcanic activity since February 2010. (File photo)

Nevertheless, starting today, October 1, 2021, all tourists will be welcomed in Montserrat if they are vaccinated. The island also recently ended the two-month stay requirement for tourists.

To date, the island recorded 33 total COVID-19 cases, with one related death.