Modern Power looks to charged future despite COVID-19

As more companies move to diversify operations amid the fallout from the novel coronavirus pandemic, Modern Power and Cooling Technology Limited (MPCT) has indicated that it is also positioning its business to expand service offerings and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

The information communication technology (ICT) company, which currently provides supplies and services of IT systems through a full line of UPS systems, raised access flooring, power conditioning equipment, monitoring solutions, precision cooling systems, aisle containment solutions and data centre infrastructure management software (DCIMs), said that it will also venture into other areas within the next few years.

“The five-year outlook is for MPCT to include electrical and mechanical engineering services in addition to our present ICT infrastructure solution offering. That would put us in a position to offer more turnkey solutions to our customers thereby reducing their costs and delivering completed projects on a more timely basis,” said Wayne Cunningham, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of the company, in his response to questions from the Jamaica Observer Sunday Finance last Thursday.

“The success of any business includes its ability to diversify as the needs of consumers evolve, including also the ability to be nimble and adjust as needs arise. With the compounding situation of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, MPCT has enacted this mantra and have found innovative ways to meet the growing and changing needs of its consumers, particularly as the way of operation for most companies change,” Cunningham.

With an increase in the demand for connectivity and technology services, as work and school activities transition to online platforms due to the virus, the head of MPCT said that there was a heightened need for its business to maintain and operate efficient and reliable ICT infrastructures. A move which the Kingston-based company also wants to launch into other markets especially now when it seeks to drive revenue growth.

“We have been exploring regional opportunities primarily in the high-growth market of Guyana. We do not intend to invest in brick and mortar in the Caribbean as we have formed strategic alliances with local regional partners that will lower our expenditure while giving us the opportunity to maximise our revenues,” Cunningham told the Sunday Finance.

He said that while the pandemic may have affected the company’s revenues and profits and cut sales by some 25 per cent, the core mission of the entity was to leverage its opportunities and provide quality system protection for customers through a mix of world-class products and services. This as the 10-year-old company aims to become the premier ICT infrastructure company in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

“We are in a unique position to offer the necessary technical support that is currently unmatched in the industry locally or regionally. Our engineers are factory-trained and are constantly exposed to the changing technology developed by our international partners,” Cunningham said, noting that the company’s continued investment in staff development is vital to positively improving its bottom line.