(Photo courtesy of MAILPAC)

Mailpac increasing touch points for customers

(Photo courtesy of MAILPAC)

Over the next few months Mailpac Group Limited will be rolling out new touch points for customers to access their packages.

In a release the company shared that by the end of 2021 it will add five new stores to its islandwide network and will also increase the number of self-service pickup lockers.

Mailpac Group will be adding more pickup lockers in its islandwide network while increasing the number of stores.

“Our mission has always been to better connect Jamaican consumers to global products. To do that efficiently, we truly need to be in the communities of the families and companies that we serve. So, having a distributed base of stores or collection points has always been a fundamental part of our strategy,” Khary Robinson, executive chairman of Mailpac, explained.

Executive Chairman, Mailpac Group, Khary Robinson

Over the last 10 years, Mailpac has “leveraged new store locations, as well as pickup lockers, to better serve its customer base” and expand its islandwide network. With the recent opening of a Harbour View location in the Kingston Metropolitan Area and Whitter Village in Montego Bay, the company now operates from 13 locations which also include Portmore, Spanish Town, Ocho Rios, Mandeville and May Pen. By year end, the new stores should, therefore, increase Mailpac stores to 18.

Given the exponential growth in e-commerce since the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Robinson said that increasing the number of the company’s access points became a necessity. Just last year, Mailpac complemented its full-service store model with the introduction of a self-service locker system.

“We are finalising agreements with a number of strategically located retailers that will host our lockers”

— Khary Robinson, executive chairman, Mailpac Group

Instead of waiting in a store to pick up packages, MailPac customers can pay for their shipping online and instantly receive a unique ‘pickup’ QR code. Thereafter the customer scans the code at the locker, which automatically opens and gives the customer access to packages available for collection.

“Like Amazon in the United States, we expect our lockers to become an integral delivery mechanism for our company,” said Robinson.

“We are finalising agreements with a number of strategically located retailers that will host our lockers. This means that our customers will soon be able to pay online and simply collect their packages from one of our lockers located at a gas station or pharmacy on their way home,” he elaborated.

In addition to investing in the future growth of the company, the increase in touch points also aligns with Mailpac’s vision of making online shopping a convenience enjoyed by every Jamaican.

Mailpac Group offers home delivery solutions as well as our contactless pickup lockers. (File photo)

“It’s no surprise that Jamaicans are increasingly realising the value of shopping online. Our in-store customer service teams offer localised support to customers who seek personalised attention as a part of their online shopping experience. For those that want a more effortless experience, we offer home delivery solutions and now our contactless pickup lockers,” Samantha Ray, COO, Mailpac Group stated.