Licence granted for largest quarry operation in Guyana

The Government of Guyana has granted a quarry licence to a local company, permitting it to operate a block in the Mazaruni River.

An aerial view of Georgetown, the capital of Guyana (File photo)

The licence was granted to the Black Jaguar Investment Group earlier this month and will result in it becoming the largest quarry operation across the Caribbean.

With the licence – the first granted in a decade, Black Jaguar will produce 20,000 metric tonnes every week in its quest to bring down the cost of stone and boost the construction industry and ensure there are timely supplies to complete government projects.

According to the company, it’s highly efficient, new, large scale operation will allow the company to supply products to the local market in a timely manner and at very competitive prices to support the rapidly expanding development in Guyana.

Unlike other quarries in operation, the company says it will engage international quarry operators to set up multiple sites of extraction and production to maximise the output of the quarry to meet the current and expected demand in the local and regional economy.

The licence granted to Black Jaguar Investment Group –  a wholly-owned subsidiary of the El Dorado Trading group of companies, is for the extraction and processing of rock to produce boulders and various sizes of aggregate in an area that covers 7,086 acres and hosts deposits of Granite and Gabbro type rocks.

The rocks are used as first-class aggregate in the construction industry. 

The company says that the proposed facility will be developed using state of the art technology to maximize capacity and operational efficiency. It also noted that the chronic shortage of aggregate has long been causing government infrastructure projects to run years beyond the projected deadline for completion.

“No longer will government or private construction be delayed due to shortages in the supply of aggregate,” the company stated.