LIAT cuts flights by 40% amid COVID-19

Regional airline LIAT will continue flying but with 40 per cent fewer scheduled flights amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

LIAT reduced its flight schedule by 40 per cent beginning yesterday.

The restricted flight schedule began yesterday, March 22 and was implemented due to the decrease in travel and the travel restrictions and border closures imposed by governments of several of the airline’s destinations.

The reduced schedule will run until April 30, 2020 the airline said.

LIAT had previously suspended flights into Guyana due to border closures with suspend service to Trinidad, Martinique, Guadeloupe and St Maarten beginning over the weekend.

LIAT’s chief executive officer, Reifer Jones, expressed her concern about the dynamic situation with the imposition of travel bans and border closures.

LIAT’s flights are being affected by travel restrictions and border clousres in the region.

As a result, LIAT amended its schedule to ensure that it could remain operational in the region.

Jones said LIAT was doing its part by ensuring several measures were in place to protect employees and passengers, including ensuring aircrafts are cleaned to global standards, following the directives of the Caribbean Public Health Agency and the World Health Organization, as well as working with public health authorities in the respective destinations.

Additionally, the airline will waive penalties for customers’ cancellations and bookings changes.

The executive said it is an extremely challenging time for LIAT, its employees and other stakeholders.

LIAT is in ongoing discussions with stakeholders, including its union partners, to ensure measures are in place to keep LIAT flying throughout this crisis, Jones said. She added that the Board of Directors is in direct communication with regional governments to secure concessions and waivers.

LIAT will closely monitor this rapidly changing situation and issue regular advisories to the public, the company said in a release adding that it remains committed to flying and ensuring that our region is connected.