(Photo: Guyana Sugar Company)

Labour union reaches agreement with Guyana Sugar Corporation

(Photo: Guyana Sugar Company)

The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) Friday announced that it had reached an agreement with the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GUYSUCO), on a salary increase for sugar workers ending months of protest by workers.

GAWU said that through the agreement, piece-rated workers will be benefitting from a five per cent increase in their salaries while time-rated workers will receive an increase of GUY$20 (One Guyana dollar=US$0.004 cents) per hour.

The union in a statement said that monthly-paid workers would receive an increase of GUY$4,100 per month and that apart from the salary increases, workers would benefit from increases in a number of allowances now enjoyed by workers.

GAWU said that it wants the payments to be retroactive to January 2019 and that while it remains ready to recommence discussions on the lone outstanding issue of retroactivity, it recognises that workers were affected by no increases to their salaries for five years.

The union said it has been informed by GUYSUCO that it cannot deal with the retroactive issue at this time because of the company’s current financial situation, but that it remains hopeful that the Corporation will soon be able to provide the outstanding payments to its workers.

GUYSUCO has not commented publicly on the union’s statement that it also wants the outstanding payments to be exempted from income taxes.