JetBlue set to introduce travel booking arm in the Caribbean

With seating capacity doubled over the last decade, JetBlue is embarking on expanding its services in the Caribbean region, including introducing its travel booking arm, JetBlue Travel Products.

Mike Pezzicola, head of commercial for JetBlue Travel Products, in a presentation at a recent Caribbean outlook forum organised by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), said JetBlue operates over 1000 flights daily with a third of its route network in the Caribbean.

A JetBlue aeroplane prepares to land. (Photo: eTurbo News)

This is likely to increase as JetBlue continues to expand capacity in the years ahead, Pezzicola informed, indicating that the company was also focused on increasing bookings of ground transportation, tours, hotels and attractions in destinations through the travel booking arm.

“One thing we see is that as folks are planning to travel, when they book their travel vacation with us, and we help them plan it, their stay is longer and they are more likely to return, if not to the destination then to another destination in the tropics,” the JetBlue official told the senior tourism policymakers and executives gathered in Antigua and Barbuda.

He added that JetBlue was also focusing on improving its cooperative marketing with destinations and large resorts, while also emphasising the uniqueness of each Caribbean destination by highlighting their culture, food and events.

“We are working very heavily now on explaining the difference — and as a lot of our customers, particularly those flying down from the US, have this vision that every [destination in the Caribbean] is the same and we all know that is not true,” Pezzicola said.