Jamaica’s employment up 2.6 per cent as at July – STATIN

The number of employed Jamaicans grew by 2.6 per cent to 1,254,100 as at July 2019 when compared to the corresponding period last year, the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) reported.

Director General of the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, Carol Coy (Photo: JIS)

 The disclosure was made by STATIN’s Director General, Carol Coy, during the agency’s quarterly briefing on Thursday, October 17.

The number of unemployed persons fell by 4.8 per cent to 106,700, according to the Labour Force Survey for July.

Unemployment was 7.8 per cent for the period under review. (Photo: Jamaica Observer)

Overall unemployment for the period was 7.8 per cent, the same as the previous quarter’s survey. However, when compared to the same quarter in 2019, the results are 0.6 per cent lower.

People were considered employed if they performed labour for at least one hour during the reference week.

The number of employed males in July increased by 12,900 to 693,200, while female employment grew by 18,600 persons to 560,900, said Coy. As such, males accounted for 55.3 per cent of the employed labour force and females, 44.7 per cent.

The unemployment rate for youth, those aged 14-24, fell by two per cent to 20.2 per cent, relative to July 2018.

Coy advised that the number of persons classified as being outside the labour force in July 2019 was 726,000, a decrease of 26,700 persons or 3.5 per cent relative to July 2018.