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Isolated patient being monitored in Jamaica

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The Ministry of Health and Wellness in Jamaica is currently monitoring a patient in isolation.

According to the Ministry, the person of interest reportedly presented at hospital yesterday, March 9, with some respiratory symptoms.

A laboratory worker removes a patient’s sample test tube during coronavirus detection tests in the virology research labs at UZ Leuven university hospital in Leuven, Belgium, Feb. 28.

 Checks made revealed that the patient’s travel history included travel to a country that has confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus which has infected more than 114,000 people worldwide.

Samples have been taken and sent to the National Influenza Centre for testing with results to be available within the next 24 hours.

As of Monday, March 9, there were 241 travellers, who visited a country of interest, before arriving in Jamaica.

Among that number, seven persons are in home quarantine, while 23 are in quarantine at government facilities.

Further, the Ministry is further advising that a person of interest, who had, yesterday, left a government quarantine facility, without authorisation, has now returned.

Deaths for the virus, which has been confirmed in more than 100 countries, have surpassed 3,900.

To date, Jamaica has no confirmed case of COVID-19.