IDB loan to provide water to 3,700 households in Suriname

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will provide US$25 million to Suriname which will see some 3,700 households get potable water for the first time.

The IDB will provide a US$25 million loan to improve the water supply system in Suriname.

Further, the water supply improvement will also see the improvement of the quality of water service to 33,000 households for new and existing customers, the IDB said.  

The project will be implemented by the Suriname Water Company (SWC) which will use the funds to “upgrade its environmental and financial sustainability, which includes reducing its levels of non-revenue water, investments in infrastructure and modernisation of operations and management,” the regional body said.

The water system improvement project will take approximately six years to complete its three primary components, the first being reducing non-revenue water by adopting smart water technologies that will replace outdated meters and reduce network losses.

The Inter-American Development Bank

The second phase will see the upgrading of the water production infrastructure by increasing the capacity of the Helena Christina pump station to expand water treatment capacity to meet projected demands.

“The works will include drilling four new wells and rehabilitating two currently in operation, and the installation of 21 kilometres of transmission and distribution pipelines.”

The final component involves strengthening and modernising SWM’s operations and management.

The loan will be disbursed over six years with an amortisation period of 24 years.

The IDB was created in 1959 with a view to improve lives by providing long-term financing for economic, social and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean.