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Hammer Fiber Optics gives Dominicans in US an easier way to call home

(Photo: Yahoo Money)

Hammer Fiber Optics last Wednesday announced the release of its DominicaVoice calling product that will deliver less expensive calling options for Dominicans living in the United States.

“Calling Dominica has never been this cost-effective,” said Kristen Vasicek, Hammer’s COO.

Kristen Vasicek, chief operating officer, Hammer Fiber Optics (Photo: Hammer Fiber)

“This product provides much-needed cost relief for what has been a very expensive service in the past,” she continued.

The product website is accessible at www.dominicavoice.com, providing a full online customer service and ordering interface, including Top-Up services.

(Photo: Yahoo Money)

The company plans to expand its services through its wholesale voice subsidiary, Endstream Communications, to other Eastern Caribbean markets.

“We will continue to expand the reach of our OTT services segment by providing services direct to the consumer, particularly in this key geographical market,” said Erik Levitt, Hammer’s CEO, who is managing Hammer’s efforts in the region.

Erik Levitt, CEO, Hammer