(Photo: Guyana Sugar Corporation)

Guyana’s sugar production declines due to strike

(Photo: Guyana Sugar Corporation)

The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GUYSUCO) says it has produced 37,015 tonnes of sugar at the end of the first crop in June and blamed a series of strikes for failing to reach its 2020 target.

The Guyana Sugar Corporation said strikes affected its sugarcane output for the year.
(Photo: Guyana Sugar Corporation)

In a statement, GUYSUCO said the 50 strikes across the three estates resulted in a loss of 2,307 metric tonnes estimated at GUY$37.9 million (One Guyana dollar=US$0.004 cents).

It said at the end of the first crop in June, GUYSUCO had produced 37,015 tonnes of sugar equivalent to 79.6 per cent of the budgeted target of 46,476 tonnes of sugar.

“The financial impact of the strikes industry wide for employees” GUYSUCO said, noting that the crop closed with 1,093 hectares of carry over canes to be harvested, translating to 66,000 tonnes of cane being carried over to this year’s second crop.

Guyana’s sugar crop production was down just over 20% from its yearly target.
(Photo: Guyana Sugar Company)

The actual sugar cane processed for the first crop is 492,910, as against the target of 539,460.

“It should be noted that the first crop attendance was impacted by the circumstances surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) which saw the employees being off of work for two weeks and this also contributed to the shortfall,” GUYSUCO said, adding that it continues to strengthen its partnership with the unions regarding them as valuable partners for the achievement of the target in the second crop.

The company said it is also exploring innovative and creative ways to keep the employees motivated and engaged despite the disruptive transition process which is now compounded by the challenges around the global COVID 19 pandemic.